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Why PJ Harvey is my PR hero

Heroes are those people you admire for their bravery and , but also because they sacrifice themselves for a greater good. However, when speaking about PR heroes we need to look for other characteristics such as creativity or the ability to tell good stories.

You might be wondering why I’ve selected a musician as a PR hero, the answer is simple, her music keeps me going. PJ Harvey has the qualities of a great PR. First of all, she is a great storyteller, her lyrics are powerful and memorable and they helped her conquer huge audiences around the world and win some of the most prestigious music awards.

Similar to a good PRO, she is adventurous and she is not afraid of tryingnew things. Having started a career as a musician, her creative and audacious spirit led her to explore her hidden talents. Besides musician, she is also an accomplished sculptor and published poet.

When I see PJ on stage singing, playing guitar, cello, harmonica, saxophone or the drums, it’s impossible not to be inspired to keep learning and experimenting. If she can do it, I surely can do the same. In music and in PR being a well-rounded professional is crucial to succeeding.

One of her other talents is understanding her audiences and the media. She knows that to keep her audience interested she has to bring something new to the mix with every new album, giving her fans and critics something new to see (she changes her look for each new album to reflect the mood of the album), listen to and talk about.

She started her career over 20 years ago and she is still making headlines, filling theatres and being nominated for some of the most prestigious music awards, enough reasons to admire and keep learning from her.

Article written by Paula Santos, director of agency Little Bear PR

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