What will the voters think of Gordon’s interview?

PROs will have lots of opinions on Gordon's interview with Piers Morgan, but the real question is, of course, what will the public make if it all? With this in mind, when considering the impact of Gordon’s interview, I thought it interesting to “ask the wife”what she thought of our beloved leader. (Clearly an unbiased cross section of society and obviously highly intelligent and insightful!) Some background: She’s a floating voter, liked Blair (although saw through the fluff), admires Maggie (in her words, "how could you not admire a leader that actually lead"), didn't rate Michael Howard. She’s interested in politics, hasn’t been Brown's biggest fan but appreciates he's genuine, despite his obvious failings. Her thoughts having watched the interview:
  • Best thing Brown’s ever done
  • My opinion of him has changed; he is confident and knows who he is
  • I didn’t realise he was such a visionary in his early years. Where did the passion go?
  • Would he have been better than Blair?
  • Felt like I saw the real man and liked it 
  • The game is back on (reference the General Election).
Whether one interview can have such a major impact on a national scale remains to be seen. What we can say is that the likelihood of the Tories gaining a significant majority that will see them retain power for multiple parliaments is looking less likely. If Mandelson was offered the chance of taking this election on the chin, to loosing by less than 40 seats, to return next time around, do you think he'd take it? You bet he would.  And unless Cameron ups his game, I reckon that's what he'll get.
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