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Top of the PR charts are MGMT and Desire

Having recently purchased a snazzy new Sonos system for Cohesive HQ, our office has never been more alive with music. Our team’s a mixed bag of ages and tastes but, thanks to our 80s Bangers, FriYay and 90s Indie Hits playlists, we manage to please all palates (for the most part). That being said, when I need to put my head down, or don’t fancy bobbing along to ‘Call Me Al’ for the umpteenth time this week, these songs usually get me through.

 Time to Pretend – MGMT
“Yeah it’s overwhelming but what else can we do? Get jobs in offices and wake up for the morning commute?” A song about dropping it all and moving to Paris is the perfect antidote to the January blues. The chorus is catchy as hell too, and will be rattling around in your brain for days.

 Under Your Spell – Desire
We played the Drive soundtrack a lot over the Christmas break and I’d foolishly forgotten just how bloody brilliant it is. Every track has this magical, electric, ethereal sound to it that just takes you away for a few minutes, much like the world the film creates. This track, and the whole album, has been on heavy rotation on my iPod for weeks.

 Redbone – Childish Gambino
How he manages to make singing about peanut butter chocolate cake with Kool-Aid sound this great I’ll never know, but I can’t see myself getting over this one any time soon. It’s a perfect “put your feet up with a vat of wine” song after a hard day of PR firefighting.

 The What – Notorious B.I.G. & Method Man
I thought I was pretty versed in all things Biggie, but my girlfriend bought me an amazing collaboration album of his on vinyl for Christmas and I haven’t been able to stop listening to it. This track in particular will have you hooked with that Biggie flow we all know and love. 

Guns N’ Roses – Welcome to the Jungle
I’m lucky enough to be going to one of their sold out shows in London later this year so naturally will have their back catalogue on repeat until then. I’m sure they’ll be three hours late, Axl will throw his toys out of his pram, or they’ll fall out (again) and call the whole thing off but hey, if that isn’t the Guns N’ Roses experience I don’t know what is.

PR playlist by Jake Petterson, account executive at Cohesive

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