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Heather Baker’s top 5 people to follow on Twitter

Here are the top five people to follow on Twitter according to Heather Baker, founder and CEO of agency TopLine Comms:

Former spokesman to Tony Blair, Alastair Campbell is responsive and insightful. Whilst hailed by many as a political spin doctor, I still see him as one of the most supremely competent political operators of the modern age. He always has an interesting take on things and can be relied upon to tell it like it is. Plus, I got to meet him once.

If you’re in PR and pitching the UK media then Alex is the guy to follow. He has that rare gift of being really funny and incredibly smart. I’d follow him even if we weren’t friends.

The Daily Mash is hilarious and never fails to make me laugh. It’s utterly ridiculous, but at the same time there’s some truth to what they say. Which is probably what makes it so funny. You do have to be British (or live here) to really appreciate it, though.

As a business owner with a fairly (okay, very) driven nature, working too much has always been a problem. Nights, weekends, whatever got the job done. It took a minor health scare to help me see reason and I now lead a way more balanced life. Mind Body Green keeps me on track. When I see a post on work/life balance or mediation it helps me remember to slow down and breathe.

Colin’s Clockwork Orange profile pic is a little disturbing, I’ll admit, but his tweets are worth following him regardless. He’s hilarious and shares a good mix of random, funny and comms-related content. I love how irreverent he is; he literally doesn’t give two hoots what people think.

Article by Heather Baker, founder and CEO of agency TopLine Comms

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