The recession is good news for some

I’ve met up with a couple of media training companies recently and needless to say, conversation often includes the “how’s business?” question (no awards for originality I know!) While most PR people smile and basically say it’s OK but it’s been tough, media training companies don’t. They tend to say, volume's up, yields are down (a bit) so we’re doing fine. It’s obvious I guess. In times of crisis, companies need media training to prepare them for the potential crisis. Be interesting to see whether the revenues of crisis specialists like Register Larkin have fared through the recession but my guess is – pretty well. So, back to my wider point that the recession has been OK for some people. If you’ve kept your job, the likelihood is that your mortgage has at least halved and you are probably planning this winter’s ski trip! So, it isn’t all bad, just ask the media trainers. For more articles on media training click here
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