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The history of branding

Many PR experts speculate which direction the profession will take in the future, but to understand where branding can go it helps to analyse what is at the heart of the concept.

Brand origins

Brands were originally marks to show ownership, craftsmanship and origin before they developed into the specific characterisation of a company and how it is perceived by its customers. In modern branding, PR professionals need to take ownership of every facet of their company’s business and ensure that, above all, quality and competence are vital signals that consumers need to trust in a brand’s message.

Social times

The rise of social media has allowed brands to create a relatable, approachable version of themselves online to get even closer to their consumer mindset. Although, branding professionals should never underestimate the power of face-to-face interaction and the need to engage with customers on a personal level to really build their company’s personality.

Influencer lessons

Whilst influencers are the latest trend in building consumer trust, at its root, branding is about origin and influencer campaigns will only work if they are able to show a true presentation of the usefulness of your business to your target audience.

The infographic breaks down the history of branding and the lessons we can learn from it.

Written by Lee Turner, director of mobile coffee company The Rolling Bean

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