Rebecca Grant, UK CEO of BCW, talks about the changing face of creativity during the Covid-19 lockdown

Today “in the shed”, I’m talking to Rebecca Grant about the changing face of creativity during the Covid-19 lockdown.

  • How creativity seems to have moved on from the ubiquitous Zoom call gallery image.

  • How BCW has combined individual creativity with group collaboration during the lockdown.

  • How Instagram live usage has doubled during the lockdown and its implications for creativity.

  • The need for brands to fill the void left by government.

  • How the creative tone has changed during the lockdown.

  • How agencies have had to adapt quickly to the changing communications needs during the lockdown.

  • Rebecca talks about how our social habits have changed during the lockdown and the implication of that on our creative circle.

  • Why we all need to ensure we have the opportunity for randomness!

  • How the amount of creative content available for free is greater than ever.

  • How theatres and galleries have responded to the crisis by making their content more accessible than ever.

  • How the number of channels available to us creatively at the moment are limited.

  • How agencies teams can retain their creative edge during the lockdown.

  • Has the Covid crisis increased the need for brands to step up their social purpose initiatives?