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Pets in PR: Meet Havanese dog Alice, chief morale officer at Maxim

This week’s PR pet is Alice, a Havanese dog who is chief morale officer at PR agency Maxim and belongs to account director Rachel Knight. We caught up with Alice to ask her some barking questions.

Walkies or cuddles?
Cuddles come before everything else, even treats. I actually refuse to go out sometimes but I’ve discovered if I roll over, I often end up getting a belly rub instead of a walk which is much more satisfying.

What did you want to be when you were a puppy?
I considered becoming a beauty queen (I still think I could make it to Crufts) but then decided I should use my brain as well as my looks. I would love be a PAT dog and work with Pets as Therapy one day but apparently I’m still too excitable.

What types of clients make you bark?
Any client that rings the doorbell. I tend to go a little crazy when anyone comes into the office, but most of the time I charm them instantly. I have to confess to the odd bark during conference calls as well, especially if they drag on a bit.

And which clients make you wag your tail?
Most of our clients love me and many actually arrange their meetings for days when I’m in the office. Occasionally I have to hold back until one of the humans checks-in the visitors, especially if they’re a potential client, but then I’m allowed to wag my tail as much as I like to welcome them (they might even get the odd lick).

Any advice for other pets wanting to work in PR?
Start young. I was only four months old when I started working at Maxim which meant I did have the odd ‘accident’ but now I’m almost three I’m a complete pro. I can’t wait to get into the office every day and know exactly who to go to for treats, cuddles and playing ball – it’s much more fun than staying at home every day.

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