No seat is no problem for Amie Smith from Big Ideas Machine

My day

6.30am: My alarm goes off and it's time to get ready for work. The fact that I really hate my alarm is the reason why it's set once and only once; no loud noises or conversations before coffee please!

7.20am: We run the gauntlet of school and work traffic to Guildford train station to make it into London on time even though it's almost certain I won't get a seat. Sometimes sitting on the floor of a train is comfier than you think.

8.00am: After catching up on the latest news about anything mobile on my mobile thanks to Business Insider and Flipboard, I normally have a little leisure time on the train before work starts by either playing a Bonza word puzzle or a vintage game on my PS Vita.

8.45am: After a quick stroll to the office whilst dodging the sea of bankers, I finally sit down (on a seat this time) and run through my to-do list and emails whilst sipping coffee (yay coffee!), munching on my breakfast and perusing the news. After the rest of the team arrive, we share any relevant app or mobile news with each other and discuss/send stories that may be relevant to our clients.

10.00am: Our weekly call with one of our clients which entails a detailed overview of the week's activities and what we'll be doing over the next one. This can include anything from press release copy and distribution to award entries and stunts in the pipelines. It's really important for us to have regular client interaction.

11.00am: Another client has an exciting news release to be distributed so off I go on a ring round of journalists to pitch in the story and secure some coverage.

1.00pm: Lunch time. We have an amazing salad called Coffee L'Express opposite Cannon Street station near our office in Bank so my colleague and I head off. For £5 you get an all-you-can-eat salad which is great for keeping you going until the end of the day. It gets regular visits and probably does really well off our repeat business!

2.00pm: I have a comparison market spreadsheet I need to put together for one of our clients which is releasing a game later this year. I love this type of research because you get the opportunity to really see who's out there in the market and learn even more (and you get to look at games which is a bonus!). Although it's a bit time-consuming, it's a crucial document to have.

3.00pm: My daily activities can change very quickly and as soon as you know it, I’m writing funny fortunes for a client to go inside branded fortune cookies or putting an order for our shiny new guides about marketing apps on small budgets.

4.00pm: Time for another coffee to prepare myself for another ring round but this time, it's for media partnership opportunities in the US for an event we're doing the PR and marketing for. With a list of over 200 potential partners, this has to have quite a tactical approach to make sure we secure the most relevant publications.

5.30pm: I always keep 30 minutes at the end of the day for social media interaction. It's a pretty good time to start this as most people are going home or on their way to work in the US and looking on their phones.

6.00pm: It's time to head home and battle my through Waterloo human traffic to maybe get a seat this time on the busy train to Guildford. These 35 minutes give me a chance to unwind after work and allows me to play a few of my favourite games on my phone or PS Vita.

7:30pm: I always put aside time for the gym after work and try and keep as fit as possible. It sounds cliché, but it really helps me personally relax, destress and keep fit of course.

9.00pm: After dinner and a session of what could be Don't Tell the Bride or a documentary on Channel 4, I spend the rest of the night on my Playstation 4 playing Destiny before setting my alarm and going to bed before midnight. (I can get a bit carried away sometimes!)

Amie Smith, PR and marketing consultant at Big Ideas Machine