From the park to dark with Nikki Scrivener, director and co-founder of agency Fourth Day PR

My day

6.00am: Roll out of bed to attend a bootcamp-style workout in the local park – come rain or shine. This is very much my midlife crisis in action, but also seems to be the only time I get to squeeze in time to myself.

7.00am: Check emails, shower and get the children ready for school. Something is inevitably forgotten

9.00am: School run, then straight into the office which is only a five-minute walk away.

9.15am: I’m writing this on a Monday so the routine is always the same. Planning meeting with the Manchester team to go through priority client tasks and targets for the week. Everything urgent gets written down and stuck on the wall. It’s not the height of technological work scheduling, but the collective joy of crossing things off that list is palpable!

10.00am: Group business development and marketing call with the teams in London and Paris. This is the one time in the week where we make the time to all get together.

11.30am: As anyone who works in PR knows, no two days are ever the same so a typical day in the life does not exist. However, today I am working on an internal communications strategy document for a client, drafting a set of one-page messaging documents for a CEO and working with a client on developing a joint proposition which will take us into a completely new sector.

1.00pm: Lunch at my desk, although I keep promising not to do this anymore. Spend time catching up on the news and Twitter gossip. As my colleagues will testify, I am addicted to rocket (quite a sad addiction to have) so lunch almost always involves that in large quantities. If we’re being particularly good we’ll go out for a swim or a run – this requires at least one member of the team refusing to back down and forcing the rest of us to go.

1.30pm: Once again Fourth Day will be supporting Byte Night, the annual event to raise money for Action For Children. I’m very fortunate to be on the board for the north-west event and we are busy trying to organise a charity band night at a venue in Manchester. The tickets and posters are back from the printers so we’ll be encouraging friends and clients to join us on the 2nd May.

2.30pm: We’re evaluating all of our software partners at the moment to ensure we have the best possible analytics, social media and media monitoring services possible. We’re inundated with offers to trial the next best thing in evaluation, but it’s been a really interesting process to run trials concurrently in order to see what is actually right for our business.

3.30pm: The afternoons are usually taken up with client calls, writing and business development. I’m often travelling, either to see clients, or to our London or French offices, so a full day in the office is pure bliss.

6.30pm: Head home, eat and coerce children into doing their homework. Flip a coin with my husband to see who gets the joy of ferrying one or all three of them to beavers, cubs, swimming, football, etc.

8.30pm: Check emails, open wine, collapse in front of current drama.

11.00pm: Lights out.

Nikki Scrivener, director and co-founder of agency Fourth Day PR

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