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My top five tweeters by USP Content’s Steven Brown

The top five people to follow on Twitter according to Steven Brown, from broadcast agency USP Content.

Top journalist – @ggreenwald. Glenn Greenwald. Glenn has for a long time been an advocate for libertarian lifestyles in Western civilisation. Actively underpinning and implicating the NSA for the WikiLeaks/Edward Snowden scandal. He now spends the vast majority of his time critiquing journalism and media outlets for their substandard biased commentary, whilst aiming to inform the public of the impinging nature of governments around the world increasing “security” by using phone data from each and every one of us.  

 Top celebrity – @garylineker. Gary Lineker. Whilst it is hard to define Gary Lineker as a celebrity in my opinion, rather than a sports star, he does offer a unique look of the goings-on in the world. Lineker will normally tweet about football in a way that even the most detached sports fan can understand. He very often tends to tweet about sport and sports teams in a very comical manner, whilst engaging in political debates, ranging from FIFA scandals to Piers Morgan life’s work.

Top public relations officer – @DonFergPR. Don Ferguson. Sometimes the serious sides of working in Public Relations massively outweigh the fun aspects. Don provides an honest and humorous side not just to PR, but to life too. This Public Relations Account Manager openly criticises and laughs at popular television shows and current affairs in a satirical way. Whilst also maintain a strictly professional way of work. He openly engages with followers and more often than not, will fill up your timeline with irrelevant facts, no one needs to know.     

 Two other favourites – @FraserNelson. Fraser Nelson. The Spectator editor uses infographics on Twitter expertly to exploit the claims made in his editorial content. It is almost a form of luring technique, in seeing some of the graphs or charts he posts, you are automatically locked into evaluating the message he has written for The Spectator website. His tweets also accurately hold to account officialdom and inform audiences.

 – @AdamBoulton. Adam Boulton. The long-time Sky journalist tweets factual relevant news content, not just from the UK, but from nations across the world on the issues which matter to us in the UK. This brings added depth to the notion of current affairs, by allowing us to see an image of events from a foreign perspective.

Article written by Steven Brown, PR account executive from broadcast agency USP Content

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