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My top five tweeters by Bright Star Digital’s Pam Lyddon

Here are the top five people to follow on Twitter according to Pam Lyddon, CEO and founder of agency Bright Start Digital.

Me old mucker Dom who I used to work with years ago. A number of us left the production house we worked at and started our own businesses and Dom was one of them. He has done so well and I am so proud of his achievement. He saw the future in vlogging and has gone onto become one of the Debretts top 500 people in the country and Daddy to Superstar vloggers. I always love to see where he is as it’s always so glamorous.

One of the most amazing social media animals in the world and very influential. She is clever how she holds court with millions of people around the world. She is very much in control and I love that about her.

I used to work for him years ago and I love that he doesn’t care what people think about him and he’s usually having a fight or two on Twitter. It amuses me no end! He is very Marmite.

Fellow mum of two, author, wife, presenter and all round good egg. As a working mum her tweets bring me back down to earth and I like seeing her life as I am a bit nosy wink.

Keeps me up to date with the breaking news especially when we have a news story out the next day I need to see what’s coming up to see if it will affect any coverage!

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