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Matt Buchanan, global head of consumer PR at Ogilvy takes the PR Pepper Challenge

Welcome to the third in our PR Pepper Challenge series, produced in association with our good friends at Meltwater.

On the show today we've got Matt Buchanan, global head of consumer PR at Ogilvy.

Matt and I are going to be talking about his new job at Ogilvy and the re-emergence of Ogilvy PR.

He’ll also be taking the PR Pepper Challenge where I ask Matt three questions. If he gets those questions right, I have to eat one of these peppers and if Matt gets the questions wrong, he has to eat one.

The peppers are of increasing strength so we'll begin with mild, move on to medium and finish with hot.

Here’s a summary what Matt and I chat about:

2 mins Matt talks us through the logic behind the changes at Ogilvy PR over the last 18 months or so.

3 mins Matt looks back at the logic behind the One Ogilvy, relative to the need for specialist communication skills.

6 mins 70% of Ogilvy PR UK’s clients are standalone clients for the PR and Influence division.

9 mins Matt talks us through the five different divisions that Ogilvy has split itself into, of which PR and Influence is one.

11 mins The first PR Pepper Challenge.

13 mins Why Matt prefers the words ‘intersected communications’, rather than ‘integrated communications’.

15 mins Are we now integrating communications when they shouldn’t be? Work needs to complement across channels, it doesn’t need to be like “matching luggage.”

16 mins Is paid media included in Ogilvy’s PR and Influence division?

18 mins Why recruitment and retention of talent is Ogilvy PR’s biggest problem at the moment and Matt talks about how Ogilvy is trying to overcome this.

21 mins The second PR Pepper Challenge.

23 mins Matt talks about his new role as global head of consumer PR at Ogilvy: “Global doesn’t mean North America. Global means truly global.

30 mins Matt talks about how there are differences between the global regional differences in the type of work.

32 mins Why the most creative work comes out of the smaller markets.

33 mins Matt talks about his personal PR journey, from Bell Pottinger, to Lexis, to Red, via One Green Bean and now Ogilvy.

39 mins Why the PR part of Ogilvy UK “should be the beating heart of the business.”

42 mins The third PR Pepper Challenge.

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