Martin Lewis's interpretation of the government's coronavirus policies for employers and employees

Like many of you, I have spent a fair bit of time trying to work out the implications of the UK Government and HMRC's various Coronavirus policies targeted at employers and employees.

In my experience, most of the accountancy and legal professionals I've spoken to, either directly or via webinars, are currently trying to work out the implications in the same way that most of the rest of us are!

Frankly, I've found the advice from Martin Lewis's videos more helpful than any webinar or direct advice I've had from an accountant.

So I have shared these below, needless to say, they will not be all be relevant to all of you but hopefully, they will be of some use.

Martin Lewis’s message to employees affected by coronavirus

Martin Lewis' help for directors of small limited companies affected by coronavirus

Martin Lewis explains coronavirus income support for self-employed people

Martin Lewis’s message to self-employed people affected by coronavirus

Clearly these UK Government schemes continue to evolve, so these videos are correct as of 15/04/2020.

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