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We identify those Love Island archetypes

As the latest series of Love Island has just finished with Dani and Jack being crowned the winners, walking away in to the sunset with £50,000 (and a lot more to come as they will be inundated with brand-endorsements and other offers), it is time to reflect on the characters in the hugely popular reality TV show.

Whilst it’s not for everyone, a lot of the team here confess to their guilty pleasure of 9pm viewing. And because we’re naturally intrigued in audiences, and brands, it got us thinking. How much have these contestants worked on their personal brands? Did they approach it like a brand identity project and planning their looks, values and behaviours? How many took the philosophy of ‘I’ll just be me’? Maybe we’ll never know which were the planners and the wingers, but like all good stories, characters are at the heart. So we have identified 12 of the main characters and matched them to key brand archetypes. See if you agree:

The Maverick – Adam was fearless and non-conformist. He didn’t care what he said or who he dated. Making his way through half the villa. First there was Kendall (remember her?), Rosie, he tried it on with Megan, then Zara who he dumped for Darylle and then back to Zara. Phew.

The Sage – Wise, prudent and intelligent. We could only be describing Doctor Alex, who definitely displayed more left-brain rational thoughts and behaviours (slightly awks) than the more emotionally intuitive responses.

The Lover – Megan. Of course. She was the first to get busy in the hideaway with Eyal, then caused the split of Laura and Wes. She got bored whilst the boys were Casa Amor, so hooked up with ‘new’ Alex until he was voted out. So she took the quickest route to couple up again and jumped into bed with Wes (again).   

The Caregiver – Samira was compassionate, empathetic and patient, whilst waiting for Mr Right to walk in. She was faithful to friend Doctor Alex, and even warned him off Ellie. When she eventually found Frankie, she fell big time and eventually left the villa for him. 

The Sovereign – Traditional values is one way to describe Laura. True to herself and looked up to for guidance, given her more mature years. She’s handled everything that’s been thrown at her and kept her head held high like a true queen.

The Explorer – Georgia is a classic explorer. She wasn’t afraid to be curious, brave and see who else she could couple up with. (But loyalty and Explorer’s traits aren’t usually compatible. Say no more).

The Jester – The jester of the villa had to be Wes, with his numerous impressions and accents. Despite being a nuclear systems design engineer, Wes was always at the centre of pranks. And that cheeky grin…

The Superhero – Despite being in a couple with Georgia, Josh couldn’t resist his feelings for Kaz in Casa Amor.  He could have taken the easier option and avoided the ‘hate’ but used all his courage and strength to re-enter the villa with Kaz. And they’ve proven that this was the brave but right decision.

The Magician – Priding himself on having ‘good vibes’, Eyal was definitely the magician of the villa, with his undeniable mysteriousness and charisma. Sadly, his disappearing act came a little too early.

The Innocent – Dani – what can we say? She’s barely a member of the Do Bits Society, thanks to her purity and honesty. Even if Jack wanted more, she would never have done anything on TV. 

The Creator – The situation that Sam created with Georgia, was a first on Love Island, and shocked everyone. First, they decided to stay despite having to split, followed by Sam standing his ground and refusing to re-couple, even though it meant he was booted off the island.

The Everyman – Stationery salesman Jack Is not only everyone’s ‘best mate’ but he was the most faithful in the villa with his unwavering love for Dani. Enough said.

Given the public voted for The Innocent and the Everyman-=, what does it say about the relative appeal of the personality types? Perhaps we’re not all looking for the superhero after all.

Written by Natasha Hill, managing director of PR agency Bottle

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