Jo Carr, managing partner at PR agency Hope&Glory, is Santa’s little helper today

My day

6.30am: The day starts whenever the first of my two little boys decides it’s morning time. The alarm clock hasn’t been set in our house for years, but I’m still up before 6.30am most mornings, sadly.

7.00am: I’d like to say I spend early morning checking my emails, looking at Twitter and listening to The Today Programme. The reality is that I’m grabbing breakfast with the kids; sorting out homework and generally trying to bring order where chaos reigns. Twitter, the papers and email waits for the ride across town on the Hammersmith & City Line, with its inevitable delays giving plenty of time for all three.

8.15am: I arrive in the office usually via Eat where I’ve grabbed the first coffee of the day. We’ve just opened for business in Clerkenwell and I’ve fallen in love with my walk up Cowcross Street from Farringdon when I get my daily reminder that there are lots of new bars and restaurants to be explored.

9.00am: This morning, like most mornings currently, starts with an interview. We’re looking for an intern (paid, of course) plus a senior account executive and an account manager to join the team.

10.00am: A lot going on at Hope&Glory today. We’ve got our new client from Berry Bros & Rudd coming in to take to the airwaves for a spot of wine tasting with radio stations up and down the country. Need to remember to locate corkscrew and chill the Pinot Noir ...

11.00am: A pretty productive morning so far. Two new business calls within half an hour of each other. A couple of releases written and there is interest from an old freelance mate in a feature we’ve pitched around Channel 4 programme School of Comedy. Fantastic.

12.00 noon: Pop in to the radio studio to find that the wine tastings are going great guns. The smell of alcohol hits you immediately. I think it shows great willpower to taste the wine and then spit it out. Not sure I could ever be a Master of Wine.

1.00pm: I dash out to meet a contact from Dezeen. A quick sandwich and coffee with Marcus means the mind is buzzing with possible ideas for collaborations, not to mention caffeine.

3.00pm: The most surreal part of the day is spent with my business partner James as he busies himself making a Santa’s Grotto for our client O2. He’s spent the past few days sourcing set, interviewing for the role of Santa, drafting Twitter copy, scripts for seeding messages and designing skins for YouTube and Twitter. The technical crew come in, armed with PCs, auto-cues and hard-drives as we prep for the campaign’s kick off.

5.00pm: James and I do a quick presentation to the team at Lansons (who have taken a stake in Hope&Glory). We explain who we are and our plans for the agency over the next few months.

6.00pm: Presentation done. Wine tastings complete. Santa’s Grotto built. All our clients happy (I’m reasonably certain). Time to call it a day, head home and then do it all over again tomorrow.