It’s PR Jim but not as we know it

A couple of years ago the vast majority of PROs' time was spent on media relations. I think most people believe media relations continues to dominate the average working day of PR execs, both those in house and at agencies. That said, in a recent straw poll on, we asked PROs how much time they spent on media relations. To our surprise, you said only about 50%. Imagine looking the PR agency bosses of the 1990’s in the eye and saying that. You would have been out the door, and quick. So what are todays PROs doing. Frankly, I bet admin takes up a fair few hours, but let's remain positive and believe that today's PROs are now spending their time doing varied and increasingly more valuable (and more ROI trackable) work. More and more, PROs today are identifying communities and relevant media networks to develop communication themes for campaigns that can be run on message and across print, online and social media. (Something to do with intergration...) So much for the brave new world. We've just come full circle. PR is no longer just media relations but public relations. So does that mean PR has gone home?
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