I Tweet, but how much do I achieve?

I have mixed feelings about Twitter. Like many habits, I suspect it might be bad for me. For example, before I started typing this blog, I thought I should quickly Tweet about what I was about to write about, in case someone had something far more interesting to say about it than I have. (Always a good idea!). While I was there, I had to check on latest Tweets, and reply to a few. That was around 30 minutes ago. If I had just started typing instead of going on Twitter, this blog would have been written, and I could be doing something useful now. If anything that a B2B journalist does is ever that useful! In July, I decided to take a holiday from Facebook (see my reasons here: http://blog.prmoment.com/why-i-hate-facebook/) and this holiday seems to be turning into a permanent vacation. I thought I would still use Facebook for posting work questions, but in fact I haven’t needed to. Speaking to friends and other writers, I find a lot of them have also got fed up with Facebook. Which makes me wonder whether the same thing will happen with Twitter? When I go on Twitter I get some useful feedback from contacts, and follow conversations on key PR subjects. But, this work could be done in other ways. I could be old-fashioned and pick up the phone and call contacts. Taking a more direct approach is quicker and more efficient, and also doesn’t lead me to go off on irrelevant tangents like Twitter does. I’m not saying that Twitter isn’t fun, and sometimes useful. I just wonder whether it is ultimately an effective way to spend time? Or is the fact that it’s a waste of time part of its charm?