How do you use LinkedIn?

A new infographic from US market research firm Lab 42 gives us a lot of insight into how executives use LinkedIn and why. According to the graphic, 42 per cent of users update their profile on a regular basis, and 35 per cent of you log on every day. 90 per cent of  LinkedIn users find the network extremely helpful when looking for and meeting potential clients. The site's appearance and content is also a factor, as most like that 'it is more professional than Facebook' and can lead to new employees they may not have found elsewhere. So how do people use LinkedIn the most? Well, entry-level workers use it primarily to hunt for jobs and to network with their co-workers, whereas middle management executives use it to communicate with contacts and to network within their industry. Top-level executives promote their businesses on LinkedIn and use the site for industry networking If you are curious to find out more, take a look below: