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How Coronavirus is changing marketing strategies

Coronavirus is impacting businesses in many ways, with companies changing online marketing and advertising strategies to stay afloat as they face an unpredictable future.  Here are the top 10 advertising strategies businesses are using and intend to adopt.

Digital marketing company surveyed 1,193 businesses across a range of industries to discover the top 10 advertising strategies businesses are using and intend to adopt.

Key findings

  • Only 13% of businesses use podcast advertising
  • 71% intend to implement interactive advertising in future campaigns
  • Nearly two-thirds (60%) of businesses are trialling outstream videos
  • One-third of businesses intend to implement chatbots this year

Discussing how more businesses need to take advantage of the latest digital marketing techniques, managing director of Reboot Online Shai Aharony says: “Our society is dominated by the digital age, which influences and guides our everyday decisions. It’s for this reason that businesses need to keep on top of trending advertising techniques more than ever before – that’s if they hope to appeal to their target markets.

“It’s shocking to see that as few as 13% of businesses are taking advantage of effective techniques, though higher intentions to utilise them down the line is promising. Ultimately, businesses have got a long way to go to fully streamline their advertising campaigns and attract as many potential customers as they can.”

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