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How brands can use Pinterest

With over 70 million users, Pinterest is the network brands need to be visible on.
As well as its popularity – it is the 3rd most popular social network behind Twitter and Facebook – Pinterest has also been proven to aid sales. According to BlogHer Inc, 47% of US online consumers have made a purchase based on a recommendation from Pinterest.

But not all brands are Pinterest savvy, perhaps due to its relatively slow progression. Many brands have signed up and are still in the early stages of building their brand presence – probably because they don’t actually know how to use the network effectively.

So if you are looking to get started then here are my Pinterest tips:

Visuals are key. This seems extremely obvious but the point is still crucial. Pinterest is all about images, so be creative, upload fantastic pictures and if your brand can’t tell a visual story then try something linked to your brand, as I explain later on.

Videos can be pinned. Some people are still unaware that videos cane be pinned. As video production is growing rapidly within communications you have to make the most out of this feature.

Pin stuff from other people. Be it key influencers, bloggers, journalists or loyal fans. If you scratch their back they may just scratch yours. This also keeps your boards varied and makes it more relatable. It is called a ‘social’ network for a reason.

Don’t just promote, promote, promote! If you all you do is pin obvious promotions or ads then your followers will become bored… and quickly. Mix it up, try other things related to your brand. If you’re a fashion brand pin trends for the season or even humorous quotes related to shopping etc. If in doubt pin a cute animal picture….. Everyone loves a puppy in fancy dress!

SEO proof your description. Think about what people will search for and adapt your description. If you’re pinning office interiors, put office interiors. No point being overly creative or going off topic if you want your board to be easily found.

Add the ‘pin it’ button to your site. Make it easy for the audience.

If your link doesn’t work what is the point? If you add a link that doesn’t work then it won’t just stop the engagement in its tracks but it could also damage the brands reputation on the network.

Behind the scenes. Certain brands can utilise this tool very effectively. If you are a TV show, a manufacturer, a clothing designer that does catwalk shows, the behind the scenes, Pinterest only, image/vids will encourage followers, pins and create a type of community.

It’s all in the detail. Pinterest is a great way to focus on particular details that make up your brand. Focus on brand values and pin around that. For instance Jamie Oliver does a lot of work around money saving meals, so pin cheap healthy meal ideas. Happy Eggs support free range farming, so pin images linked to encouraging home grown produce or free range farms. It doesn’t always have to be about the brand and the brands product directly.

Show some history. Like most tips I have provided this isn’t possible or effective for every brand on Pinterest so you have to know your strengths. But if you are a longstanding brand with an interesting history or there are past events that may link with your core values then tell your audience a story. Old logos, previous employees, big brand events etc. Nostalgia can work wonders!

Brand Examples:

Ben & Jerry’s

This well-known ice cream brand has managed to keep their boards entertaining and brand focused. They incorporate one of my tips on their network – history! They pin about anniversaries, world records and large events such as the first shop and cowmobile opening. As it is such a longstanding brand it is interesting to see where they originated and how far they have progressed.

Other boards they have managed well are ‘The people behind the pints’, which makes the brand more relatable and ‘Fan photos’ which incorporates user generated content, while providing a sense of community with fans.

Sony Electronics

This brand really shines when it comes to thinking outside the box. A seemingly ‘boring’ subject matter that could potentially be very hard to make pin-able visuals has managed to create a board that is shareable, cute and brand incorporated. And it is all down to that little trick I mentioned earlier – cute animals. Sony has got images of various animals alongside Sony products. Still promoting the brand while giving the user something else to look at.


Jetsetter has hit the nail on the head with their ‘Daily Moment of Zen’ board. The pristine white sands and beaches in tropical paradises and the picturesque mountain landscapes have welcomed 4,333,976 followers. The brand has got a relatively easy subject matter when it comes to interesting and inviting imagery, but by knowing their strengths they have focused on a network that will highlight and engage the most with their audience.

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