Hedgehog Hall of Fame: Kindred - Health Map

Company: Kindred Campaign: Health Map Category: Not for Profit Campaign of the Year - South - Shortlisted Objectives Health Map forms part of Kindred’s work with Nuffield Health, the UK's largest healthcare charity, to help promote its fitness and wellbeing centres to consumers. The objectives for this campaign were to: • Increase awareness of Nuffield Health’s Fitness and Wellbeing Centres • Help the charity educate and inform people about the value of fitness in improving every day health • Raise awareness and understanding of one of Nuffield Health’s main USPs, its Health MOT • Demonstrate Nuffield Health’s integrated clinical and fitness expertise Target Audience Our approach was to harness the knowledge and resources Nuffield Health already has, to paint a picture of the nation’s health and fitness and help it establish an authoritative voice on health and fitness issues, capitalising on the charity’s size and breadth of expertise. Nuffield Health conducts 80,000+ Health MOTs each year. Every Nuffield Health centre member is offered the free MOT, which is carried out by qualified fitness experts and helps to monitor the effectiveness of an exercise programme. MOT measurements include cholesterol, systolic blood pressure, aerobic fitness, weight and waist size. Working with the PR team and clinicians at Nuffield Health, we analysed the data from the past year’s Health MOTs, using the rich dataset to map the UK’s health and fitness. As part of the analysis, we identified trends linked to the health news agenda that could work as newshooks for the story. Analysis of the data by UK region and nation enabled us to create a ‘Health Map’ showing regional variations including: • London had the highest levels of smokers • Bristol had the best overall Health Scores • The Midlands had the largest collective BMIs Analysis of the national dataset made it clear that the majority of women had wider-than-healthy waist measurements, posing a significant risk to health. Debates around whether abdominal measurement or the more well-established Body Mass Index (BMI) is more accurate at indicating health risks had been prominent in the media in the months preceding the campaign. In addition, abdominal obesity is increasingly being linked to health issues like infertility, cancers and heart disease. With health researchers increasingly recognising waist size as the best indicator of health risks (rather than BMI), our approach was to issue a health warning to UK women, calling on them to consider the health risks associated with their waist size, rather than simply worrying about whether they can fit into their favourite jeans. This allowed us to highlight the role of fitness in becoming healthier. The target audience for the campaign was all UK consumers – part of Nuffield Health’s charitable remit is to help improve the health of everyone in the UK. Due to the nature of the newshook, there was a particular focus on reaching female consumers. Action Working with such a large sample size enabled us to create bespoke packages for different media types by breaking down the results in different ways. We sourced and briefed case studies so we had women with wider-than-healthy waist sizes willing to be interviewed by media. We were also able to call upon spokespeople from the clinical side of Nuffield Health’s business who could talk authoritatively about the health aspects of the findings. Complementing this, Nuffield Health nutritionists provided dietary advice while Personal Trainers from Wellbeing Centres ensured we had a wide range of tummy trimming tips to share with the media. This multi-expert approach enabled us to showcase the breadth of Nuffield Health’s operations. To help give the story a visual aspect, we provided photography of a Health MOT being conducted and created an infographic based on the key Health Map findings (please see supporting documents). The activity had an in-built stakeholder relations element, with Nuffield Health’s press office commissioning branded tape measures and sending them, along with the infographic, to key journalists and MPs whose constituencies had been highlighted in the Health Map. Results Nuffield Health set the news agenda on launch day, with 273 pieces of media coverage. Highlights included: • Susannah Reid interviewing our case study on the BBC Breakfast sofa, and then having her own waist measurement taken by a doctor • Six items of national print coverage – Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, i, Daily Express, Daily Star, and Sunday Times • At least 60 radio interviews • Some great TV – BBC Breakfast, BBC News Channel, Sky News, BBC World Service, and BBC Spotlight (Plymouth) To date, there have been 470 pieces of media coverage, reaching 93 million people. The coverage was overwhelmingly positive and high quality – independent evaluation showed 98% contained key messaging around Nuffield Health’s expertise and 89% quoted a spokesperson. The story got people talking – a BBC News Online piece received over 700 comments. Social media activity around the Health Map generated mass discussion on Twitter – in  under a week there were over 1,000 Twitter mentions of the story, including a post by Daily Telegraph journalist, Donna Bowater. After the launch on 25 June, there were peaks in key words including over 300 mentions of ‘Nuffield’ or ‘Nuffield Health’ and over 400 for ‘waistlines’ or ‘waist line’. kindred pic Google Analytics show that the campaign had a direct impact on visits to nuffieldhealth.com. There was a increase of 30% in visits to nuffieldhealth.com from users searching for ‘Nuffield gym’ on Google. Visits to nuffieldhealth.com increased by around 6%, with over 16,000 hits on 25 June. That trend continued into 26 June. There was also an increase in social referrals with over 300 unique visits coming direct from the BBC’s article on 25 June. Independent brand tracking comparing early June with early July showed a percentage increase in prompted awareness of Nuffield Health’s fitness and wellbeing offer of 11%. Prompted awareness in early July was higher than at any other point in the 10 months the tracking report covers (December 2011-October 2012). URLs Sky News - http://news.sky.com/story/952498/warning-over-womens-apple-shaped-figures BBC Breakfast - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Xg_LP9GjRc Mail Online - http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2164141/Forget-pear-shaped-British-women-turning-apples-Professional-women-social-group-lower-obesity-levels-15-years-ago.html The PRmoment Golden Hedgehog Awards 2014 are now open for entries. Here are this years updated categories. PRmoment Awards 2019