Have you tried the new PR Salary Checker?

Ever wondered whether you are earning the right salary for your PR experience? Well now you can find out using PRmoment’s Salary Checker. Easy to use, the Salary Checker estimates your annual wage based on how many years of experience you have, your location and sector. Ideal for those looking to find new PR jobs in this New Year, why not try the Salary Checker to see what to expect wage-wise in your desired area. Whether you work in-house or as part of a PR agency, this online tool allows you to confirm whether you are falling under the UK average or are receiving that little bit extra. It is of course recommended that you use any results you get as a rough guide; they are only an approximate wage in reflection to survey responses.  Please don’t all march into your boss saying you want double your money or else! To find out whether your salary puts you in the national average range, head over to the Salary Checker page now.