Half price sale?

A joint of beef is a third of the price it was a year ago. Shoes? You wouldn''t want to be paying full price for shoes at the moment! Airlines such as BA are cutting the price of a ticket as they attempt to limit the damage of their losses. But what does this mean for PR? Is the average unit of PR a third of the price it was a year ago? In some agencies I bet it is. Is the cost of PR services down on a year ago? Again, depends what you''re talking about but if BA is a client and they have made a £500m loss, when it comes to haggling on this year''s press cuttings service you can imagine how well the 2008 ratecard will go down! So where will this all end - who knows? I guess economic rule of supply and demand will be a factor and no doubt those green shoots will help. And then when "normality" returns comes the conversation about trying to get prices up to pre 2009 levels.... Interesting times!
When can we be creatively brave again?