Friday with Helen Munro at The Whitehouse

6.15am: The dog (our alarm clock) wakes us up and informs us of the great day waiting ahead – no snooze allowed. It’s winter, it’s pitch black, but jumping around in the home-made gym is a must, as is porridge and spinach smoothies – the description does not do justice to their delights (don’t dwell on the gym bit). Dog fed and day ahead discussed, then always the need for a far too brisk walk to the station.

8.45am: It’s Friday – finalising a proposal kick-starts the working day, followed by a pitch rehearsal and mild panic about designers and visuals.

11.00am: A project costing request from a client comes in, to be turned around today, so out goes that boozy lunch (this is fantasy of course!). Client work and new business always takes priority, so the new ratable values for our office – as important as they are – will have to wait until Monday…

2.00pm: Follow-up from a positive meeting with clients at the Treasury the day before, and planning the next company meeting take up the next hour or so, as I have a desk lunch (a habit I must break – so says my Jawbone and UP app). The company meeting is a time I really enjoy, as we share our successes, learnings and issues, and listen to a presentation from one of the teams. This time it will be an overview of National Obesity Awareness Week, which again has achieved great engagement with schools, including competitions and activities in parliament and the Copper Box in the Olympic Park.

4.00pm: Clearing of emails, cup of tea, internal briefing meetings for the week ahead, and putting the finishing touches on two more proposals, completes the day.

6.00pm: A quick team drink and I head off to my end-of-week destination …

Helen Munro, managing director at PR agency The Whitehouse Consultancy

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