Drake tops this week’s PR playlist, from MWW’s Lucy Figiel

This week’s PR playlist to help you through your day comes courtesy of Lucy Figiel, senior account executive at agency MWWPR. She says a day at work wouldn’t be the same without her playlist in the background. Here are her top five songs (although it could have be an endless list) which are the soundtrack to her week.

For Free - Drake
Drake has to be on the list. I have a lot of his songs on my playlists but this one reminds me of my early PR days so it always makes the cut.

Survivor – Destiny’s Child
Motivational female empowerment at its best – need I say more?

Man – Skepta
Can’t beat a bit of Skepta’s aggressive tone when you’re on a tube packed full of grumpy commuters in the morning – gets me in the mood to tackle the day.

Love Galore – Travis Scott & SZA
Perfect for when I’m in concentration mode, headphones on, drafting content.  

Sound of the underground – Girls Aloud
This one is for the account execs when we have that Friday feeling. Catch us attempting the dance moves and belting it out while reading the morning papers.