Andrew Laxton on why he’s launched his new PR firm in the middle of the lockdown

In the latest of our “in the shed” interviews I speak to Andrew Laxton, who has recently launched Mixology Communications. Previously. Andrew held senior positions at MSL, PPR and Racepoint.

Andrew and I talk about how and why he decided to set up a new PR firm in the middle of the Covid-19 lockdown.

Here’s a summary of what Andrew and I discuss:

  • Why he’s launched Mixology at this tricky time for the global economy when client budgets are under more pressure than ever.
  • Why Andrew’s confident about the success of the business.
  • Why he decided to launch Mixology with a couple of colleagues from his Racepoint UK days.
  • Why Mixology is a funded start-up with a different kind of funding.
  • How the business is going so far – does Mixology have any clients?

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