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A techie day in the life of PRO Laura England, account executive at Stone Junction

My day

6.30am: I would like to say I jump out of bed and go for a three-mile run followed by a hearty breakfast, but in truth, I spend the next 30 minutes hitting the snooze button and convincing myself that I really can get ready for work in as little as 12 minutes. As it turns out, I usually can’t! Subsequently, the morning commute becomes my dressing room as I try not to blind myself applying mascara en-route.

8.00am: By now, I’m in the office, firing up my e-mails and having a rummage in the Stone Junction kitchen for some biscuits and a strong coffee. As I said, I’m not a morning person. To ensure I haven’t missed any important messages, I always tackle my emails first thing. I’ll respond to anything urgent and make a list of everything else I’m planning to finalise.

9.00am: We have a short team meeting to prepare for the day ahead. Although we are living in a digital era, we still love to read printed magazines and newspapers. I quickly scan through a few titles for any interesting engineering PR stories that we, or our clients, could comment on.

10.00am: Despite my inability to get out of bed at 6.30am, late morning is definitely the time of day I work best. It must be the coffee and biscuits! Typically, this is when I do most of my writing and social media work. Today, I have been busy designing some graphics for Stone Junction’s Twitter account. 

12.00pm: Lunchtime! At Stone Junction, we have a dedicated games room decked out with distractions to keep the team entertained. For the past month, we have been competing in a table football championship. Despite losing my first match and being thrown out of the contest, I have decided to turn my hand to refereeing. I think it suits my skill set better anyhow.

3.00pm: This afternoon, half of the team is getting together to discuss an exciting event we’re planning for one of our clients. Our meetings tend to involve many crazy ideas, note taking and an array of chocolaty treats. Once the meeting is done, it’s time to put our ideas into action before wrapping up for the day at around 5.30pm. 

7.00pm: Working with a team of literary enthusiasts has definitely rubbed off on me. At the moment, I’m ploughing through the novel Labyrinth by Kate Mosse, which was kindly gifted to me by another member of the team. After a few chapters, a homemade dinner and a quick trip to the local, I’m ready to hit the hay.

Article writte by Laura England, account executive at Stone Junction

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