A stylish PR life for Kate Glover, StyleHaul

My day

I wish I could say I spring out of bed in the morning, but I set a couple of alarms to string out the inevitable! I'll have a read of my emails to check in on any overnight developments (StyleHaul has offices in New York and LA).

8.00am: I eat my breakfast whilst watching the news and having a quick look at Instagram (I love it!), before jumping on the Northern Line and heading to a meeting.

9.00am: Meet my team for coffee and to talk about our planned calendar of events in 2015. We'll be active around key fashion and beauty pillars – London Fashion Week, awards season and festivals, so we're currently rolling out branded content packages to enable brands to be closer to the action via our network creators.

10.00am: Brainstorm with the team back at our London office. We’ve got an upcoming brief for a fashion e-tailer across the duration of the festival season.

10.45am: Catch up with our recruiter – we're currently expanding the UK team – to make an offer to a candidate we met with …

10.55am: It's good news – they accept!

11.00am: James Stafford (VP of StyleHaul Europe) and I call our production studios. We’re working with them on creating some professionally-produced content for a new brand launch. It’s a really exciting premium fashion site for which we're creating a content series featuring our StyleHaul Influencers. The content we’re developing will demonstrate the site’s trend expertise through the products they stock. We’re working through the storyboard and discussing, scene by scene, how our talent will bring their own personal style expertise to the table. 

11.30am: Catch up with Jody Flanagan (our director of talent) on some new Influencers we’re bringing into the network, and to also chat through the latest on some of our existing creators – it’s important to stay on top of what they’re up to! We manage more than 800 YouTube channels in the UK, including Zoella, FleurDeForce, Essie Button and Patricia Bright, to name but a few. StyleHaul globally has 5000 creators across 62 countries.

12 noon: We’ve had photos of our channels mounted into frames, which have just arrived, so we hang them proudly on the wall – we’ve been in this office since 1 December, so it’s all really coming together now!

12.30pm: Catch up on my inbox and check my diary for the next couple of days – we’re out proactively pitching for lots of business at the moment so I’m away from my desk a lot. 

1.30pm: Lunch – if it’s not something I’ve brought from home, I’ll pop to Abokado or Itsu for their veggie sushi and a miso soup and eat it at my desk whilst watching through some of our latest channel videos (a perk of the job!).

2.00pm: Have a briefing session with a mobile marketing agency on some work we’re co-pitching for with a sportswear brand, which could be really exciting – time to start pulling together creators who we believe would be a good fit for the brand.

3.00pm: Have our first catch up of the year with one of the media agencies we’re hoping to work with on a number of brands they represent. They give us two briefs off the back of the meeting to get cracking on.

4.00pm: We have a weekly call with the whole StyleHaul family. We have offices in LA, NYC, Chicago, and Singapore, so it is paramount we speak regularly to ensure everyone is joined up on the clients we’re working with and the new packages we’re developing. Whether that’s an Instagram competition, a new original programming launch, or plans around BeautyCon, which is in London in May this year.

4.40pm: We were working on a campaign with a retailer which finished just before Christmas, consisting of two professionally-produced videos for the brands channel, featuring Patricia Bright and Shirley B. Eniang. These were supported by a calendar of influencer content, plus an Instagram competition, and an in-store Style Q&A. I finish pulling together the post-campaign report to share with the client and note some great news: the engagement rate is through the roof and we drove footfall into stores, so I’m feeling very chuffed.

5.30pm: Before I finish for the day, I send over some ideas we've been working on to create a charitable platform for StyleHaul; it’s great when we can use the influence of our channels to generate awareness!

6.30pm: I decide to give the gym or yoga a miss tonight and go with a friend to the Guy Bourdin exhibition at Somerset House to keep me out of the pub and semi on track for ‘dry’ Jan.

8.00pm: Have a cheeky Wahaca – I go for the salad but cover it in sauce and tortilla chips with an inevitable couple of glasses of wine. Oops! My good intentions didn’t quite work out, then.

9.00pm: Head home and make tomorrow’s lunch of kale, feta and lentil salad, much to the delight of my boyfriend who’s sick to the back teeth of food that’s primarily green and brown in colour.

10.00pm: Catch up on The Undateables on C4, which I absolutely love, update my blog and accidentally buy two pairs of trainers in the sale from ASOS. 

10.45pm: Get myself ready for bed, but not before I plug my Jawbone into my phone to update it with the day’s shenanigans. I’m a terrible sleeper, so I go through my routine of every sleep remedy ever invented. Tonight it’s pillow spray, earplugs and eye mask and lavender oil. Wish me luck!

Kate Glover, head of UK accounts at StyleHaul

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