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A flexi-day in PR for Lara Molins Caplin

Lara Molins Caplin, founder of LMC PR and mother of two, believes flexible working is in what you do, not in how many hours you work. She says: “Time is precious. Work is rewarding. My children are my inspiration.” 

My day

06.00 My son Ethan knocks on our bedroom door. “Mummy I am awake. Mummy did good sleep?!” Enuff said. Cuddle time.

06.10 I quickly check my phone to see what media landscape has in store (Twitter, Facebook, The Times iPad edition and morning cuttings). I also look at any urgent emails.

07.00 My husband takes Ethan to nursery and I get our little girl Ella ready for school with BBC Breakfast/Princess Sofia on in the background. 

08.00 Diary check done. Make up done. Priorities for the day worked out. As a Mum of two I have to cram so much into school hours I need to be on it. Today’s plan of action is worked out and emails sent out to make my day work succinctly.

08.45 I wave goodbye to my little girl at the school gates. Work mode kicks in.

09.00 I organise conference calls with clients during dead transport time or work on marketing strategy documents on the tube so every waking moment during school hours is focused on work. Thanks Wifi and 4G grin 

10.00 My first client meeting in London starts at 10am with senior management at a top PR agency to explore how I can work with them to grow client loyalty and increase revenue opportunities so they can become true partners of their clients. My business is set up around consultancy-led project work so I can manage my work and family commitments.

11.30 My current sweet spot for clients is where I tend to work as their outsourced marketing director, reputation strategist or innovation protagonist. It’s all about content for me these days whether that’s writing a corporate narrative or content plan and coming up with influencer led campaigning ideas that puts PR at the heart of the business. This is a crucial time of day for me to write and innovate.

13.00 Always a working lunch, I do business forecasting, set up new business meetings and do business admin at this time.

14.00 Adding value. I catch up with clients, make sure we are on track to deliver and see what else I can do to innovate for them. At the moment I am trying to create a new business proposition for a client so I am navigating the ropes of business development to drive reputation improvements.

15.30 Pick up little ones from school. Mummy mode kicks in whilst always checking and responding to urgent emails from clients.

19.30 I finish off any outstanding work when the kids go to bed or I go off to play tennis, make dinner for the hubby or have some me time… at last.

22.00 Check on client emails, get kids lunches and dinner ready for the next day and plan my next working day. #neveradullmoment

Article written by Lara Molins Caplin, founder of LMC PR

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