Making sure Pentura’s content is king

Pentura is a Reading-based IT security consultancy specialising in data security and risk management services. The company launched in 2002 and has grown to a team of 40-plus employees with two divisions: technology services and consultancy services. In April 2009, Jargon PR began a 12-month campaign with Pentura.

Pentura’s campaign objectives were to raise the profile of the company throughout the technology, channel and security media. It was also important to focus the IT security debate onto ‘data’ security. Other aims were to communicate key messages regarding Pentura services and points of differentiation, as well as position key executives as thought leaders throughout the UK media.

The PR strategy was based around ‘quality of content’. Pentura would only provide journalists with interesting and insightful content around industry issues. This strategy immediately differentiated Pentura from its competitors, many of whom issued a high volume of low-quality press material – an approach resented by many journalists. Having set the content strategy Jargon PR began by contacting influential editors/reporters.

Campaign tactics included:Press releases to provide high-quality news content.
A forward features programme to position comments from Pentura executives within industry articles.

A series of by-lined articles to demonstrate Pentura’s depth of expertise.
High-quality news content included Pentura’s series of partnership and collaboration announcements with key technology vendors. The campaign also included researching and writing a number of case studies.

Topical by-lined articles have combined high-profile industry issues with Pentura’s key messages. Content topics have included ‘how to manage social networking and security’, ‘securing web 2.0 in the workplace’ and ‘cloud computing security and the G cloud’.

Throughout the campaign, Pentura has added key insights into significant industry events. For example, on the first anniversary of the Conficker Worm computer virus, Pentura discussed the worm’s origin, distribution and how similar events can be avoided. And when the new coalition government formed, Pentura analysed and debated the IT strategy outlined by the new administration.

During the 12-month campaign, 90 press articles were generated, with 100 per cent of the press coverage being positive towards Pentura. Press coverage included a range of UK and pan-European technology, trade, security and channel media including Computer Weekly, Data Centre Journal, Pro-SecurityZone, SecurityPark, Network Security Edge, Global Security,, CRN and Microscope.

Key company messages were communicated within the majority of the press coverage. These highlighted Pentura’s data security expertise and communicated key points of differentiation. Press coverage positioned Pentura executives as industry thought leaders and over one third of the press coverage came from by-lined articles authored by Pentura executives. This gave Pentura the opportunity to demonstrate its knowledge and expertise through the media.
Over 90 per cent of the press coverage generated focused on data security – a key issue that Pentura’s solutions address. The 90 press articles generated gave an equivalent advertising cost of £130,119. The campaign generated a return-on-investment of 10 times the investment.

In the 12 months following April 2009 Pentura’s share-of-voice throughout the technology, channel and security media has risen significantly. The company now has an enviable position throughout the media and is relied upon by a number of UK technology reporters for news and features content relevant to data security.

The success of the 2009-2010 campaign and the increase in press coverage throughout the UK media has been recognised by a number of Pentura’s key industry partners. At the conclusion of the campaign Jargon PR was retained by Pentura and a 12-month follow-on campaign was planned and implemented. During the campaign Pentura won over 28 new client contracts and the business grew by more than 60 per cent.


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