Last round up of PR triumphs and disasters of 2011 from GoodandBadPR

Here we are, the last good and bad PR of the year. We’ll return with it in the New Year, but for now, here are a few examples of the best and worst in PR – entirely subjective, of course – from the last week (and a bit ...),

Merry Christmas, you lovely PR lot.

Good PR of the week

Singing Tweets

Tourism Calgary and Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra asked followers to Tweet it with their tips on how to keep warm throughout the biting Canadian winter.

The 120-strong orchestra changed the lyrics to O Fortuna, instead singing the tips sent in to them to brilliant effect, gaining coverage on the likes of CNN, CBS, Yahoo and the New York Times.

Although this story is actually a tiny bit older than efforts I’d usually include (it was uploaded to YouTube at the beginning of the month), I thought that as this is the last Good and Bad PR update of 2011, I should include it for its sheer Yuletideyness.


Thanks to Maryn Edwards for Tweeting with this!

2011 in Lego

If you haven’t seen this yet, it’s 2011 in pictures, conveyed entirely in Lego.

I don’t know if Lego had anything to do with this as the article only states it was created by Flickr members/fans, but chances are, it did.

Have a look at it here.

Here’s my personal favourite, just before Super Wendi (Deng – Rupert Murdoch’s wife) got all up in a pie-wielding man’s grill at the government select committee hearing on phone hacking:

Angry birds

Even if you haven’t heard of Angry Birds, a game developed by Rovio that has been downloaded more than 500 million times across the world, you’ll still appreciate this, hopefully.

The wife of a Rovio exec went to an event at the Finish Presidential Palace to celebrate Finland’s independence – and wore this dress:

Simple things please simple minds, I know, but I really like this. It has done the rounds on Twitter and got some nice online coverage, too, further promoting Rovio’s fun brand.

Bad PR of the week

Like a lead balloon

You may remember a PR stunt way back in March, where marketing company TrashTalkFCM released 10,000 balloons containing information about pre-ordering THQ’s Homefront (video game) in San Francisco, during this year’s Game Developers Conference. There was a brilliantly tenuous reason for doing so, of course, but when the balloons started clogging up San Francisco Bay, the stunt was immediately dubbed a disaster.

Personally, I think THQ and TrashTalkFCM’s messaging after the event was pretty good, hiring a clean-up team to sort the issue out, but even despite this, the San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board (which also hosts great Christmas parties, I’d imagine) has fined TrashTalkFCM $7,000, which it has to pay within 30 days.

Although the stunt didn’t go the right way, the fact the company has been dragged through target media again in relation to it is worse than the fine itself.

Thanks to PlayStation PR intern Kirsty Greenhill for Tweeting with this.

Have you seen any good or bad PR?

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