scores the best PR accolade, while it’s a big miss for FIFA

Good PR of the week -

I am hoping that many of you are not reading my first Good PR story over your bowl of Frosties (us PROs like an adventurous breakfast) as it could trigger an unfortunate reflex.

My favourite story of the week goes to and the online index that it has created, that shows which MP us muggles would most like to sleep with.

Although the story initially made me recall the line by someone who made sweet love with Lord Soames (“It was like having a wardrobe fall on you with the key still in it"), it was a belter of a PR push and got a quarter page in the UK’s highest circulating paper, the Current Bun, written by its Political Correspondent.

Guardian, Telegraph, Metro and Daily Mail also ran the story that was the brainchild of Francis Boulle, him offa the Made in Chelsea “Reality” drama TV show. No one really knows why the site has been set up, and quite frankly, who cares; let’s just enjoy it and see who comes out top.

And since you asked so nicely, once Maggie left, no one has replaced her in my eyes in terms of a sexy MP; although I did have a slight obsession with Dave, as some of you may already be aware of.

Bad PR of the week - FIFA - The sponsors batter Blatter

At the time of writing, three of FIFA’s biggest sponsors, Adidas, Coke and Emirates Airlines have all come out and basically told FIFA to sort it.

FIFA, led by the uber-PR-savvy Mr Blatter, has gone for the Assertive Ostrich (c) PR approach of telling journos, and the world in general to “back the frick off, there is nothing to see here*” and promptly ignored the abuse.

My favourite moment to date was Blatter mistaking the way that press conferences work by refusing to actually answer any awkward questions that came in, instead just saying the words “no reaction” in the general direction of the mics.

Watching him ignoring the kerfuffle kinda reminded me of the texts I get from an elderly relative that come through in ALL CAPS, predictive texted to the point of not making sense and generally invoking that kind of “oh dear” sensation.

 *I may have paraphrased.

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