Sexy man pants and Jonny Wilkinson grab PR attention, but Google’s tax story is dragging

Call me a misbo (most people do) but I am not in love with the Evian babies campaign, it creeps me out and as for the Budweiser buddy campaign, what the actual?

As someone who is socially challenged I find it hard enough to make small talk in awkward bar situations without having to use an app, clink a cup, and then take the awkwardness online. No thank you Budweiser, I am just fine sitting in the corner, drinking your awesome beer, sat chatting to all my mate (note the “s” is missing deliberately).

Good PR of the week

Man pants from HommeMystere

Some good PR this week that also ticked the “that’s-a-bit-odd” box came from HommeMystere which launched a range of “sexy lingerie” for men.

Now I may well facepalm, but the reality is that I am hideously behind the times when it comes to fashion, so maybe this is what the modern metrosexual man is looking for. The range that I saw was pink, had hearts and seemed to amplify the man-bulge in all the right places, but most importantly from a PR point of view, got awesome coverage in the likes of the Metro, Daily Mail and the Daily Express.

I am making no comment about the teddy, padded bra or suspenders range for men other than noting the fact that it is definitely odd.

Hat tip to Alex Mansell at WAA Agency for the shout about this.

Wilkinson wins approval

A quick mention for Jonny Wilkinson who bowed out gracefully this week courtesy of a declined Lions call up, a sheer, class act who is either getting fantastic PR advice or has a natural instinct for doing things the right way. I salute you Mr Wilkinson.

Bad PR of the week

On the bad side of PR this week, it has been a good week for those of you with celebrity-sex-offender bingo cards courtesy of a couple of new (alleged) additions, but I think the legal bods at PRmoment may tie my own kangaroo down if I took this strand any further...

Google taxes patience

Looking to the more corporate side of the PR world, Google and its auditors are being recalled back to parliament to explain reports that advertising deals are being (LOL) closed in London, and not in Dublin as the search giant originally claimed.

I suspect that you, like myself, are getting fed up with the tax story, especially as it gets drawn out even further, and even more so because the politicians doing the digging have had their own expenses issues in the past.

What caught my eye though, was that the investigation that led to Google being called back is said to have come via Reuters. How odd. Expect Reuters page rank to be cut very soon.

Have you seen any good or bad PR?

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