Good PR for Morrisons and Barry Hearn but more bad PR for Berlusconi

Hello PR fans … back once again, like the Renegade Master (great song), to hand out the bonuses and brickbats for the world of consumer public relations.

It has been a week dominated by sport, with the likes of the Lions playing its first game against our convict colleagues over in The Australia and, of course, the far more genteel Wimbledon kicking off, should that be “hitting“ off?

Good PR of the week

From Leyton Orient to Morrisons

The first hat tip for Good PR goes to Leyton Orient Chairman and all round nice guy, Barry Hearn who this week made the headlines for signing a player kinda … maybe … nearly via The Twitter.

Obviously, the details are vague and do somewhat crush the “first football signing via a social platform” that the media was stretching for, but I am the first to say, “never let the facts get in the way of a good story”. As such, nice one Leyton Orient, and double nice one Barry Hearn for this big PR win.

Of the entire consumer PR pushes going on for Wimbledon right now, the one that stands out the best for me is Morrisons. Them northern-based supermarket marketing-legends changed the name of its nearest store to Wimbledon from Morrisons to Murrisons.

For Andy Murray yeah, keep up!

Us cynical PR types may look at this and say “cheap idea” but you know what, I am all about the love this week and I say NO. This was a stormer of an idea. It did not cost a fortune yet it did the job brilliantly.

Morrisons, I tip my hat to you.

Bad PR of the week

Berlusconi grabs headlines

 So, so much going on this week that we could poke about in.

Could it be the fact that Moors Murderer, Ian Brady was outed for being really shit at hunger striking courtesy of him eating toast and biscuits every morning (source: Guardian), nope.

Could it be Facebook accidentally revealing the personal data of 6m of its users via an archive glitch … so two thousand and late.

No, today I am giving bad PR to the King of Sleaze, Italy's former PM Silvio Berlusconi . The creepy-haired-seeming-owner-of-Italy is off to prison for 7 years for being found guilty of paying an underage prostitute for sex and then, it gets worse, using his position of power to try and hush it all up.

That is bad enough but what infuriates me is the fact that we all know he is going to get off with this, he won’t serve any jail time. He apparently has two years in which to come up with a suitable get-out.

I am not an expert in law in any country but surely someone needs to have a word with Italian lawmakers to try and get this kind of thing nailed.

As for Berlusconi, this takes his historic tally of years he has been sentenced to prison for to over 17 (source, Channel 4). How many has he served, yep, zilch.

I thought that the serial lady-botherer could not get a worse reputation than he had prior to his latest conviction but he has achieved a new low. His PR team is surely the best-paid people in the world given the job in hand (so to speak).

On that breaking news, sleep well everyone and please keep an eye out for more good and bad PR.

Thanks to @adam_freedman for the nod about Leyton Orient. Great tekkers.

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