Bloom FM and Cadbury score, but Joe Kinnear and Chessington miss

Good PR of the week

The world of good public relations has been blessed with some gems this week.

Giving it welly

Step forward Bloom FM, because you get my first gold star for the launch of the bloom boots. Ever wandered through the mud at a festival and thought “Oh, I wish I could listen to some music right now?”

No, me neither, BUT, that hasn’t stopped Bloom FM from launching a range of wellies that can be connected to your generic MP3 music player (I need a new iPhone if anyone fancies helping me out) so you can blast your music out to any unsuspecting wildlife.

Chocolate furniture

Second up, Cadbury. It is National Picnic Week, but before you brush the mould and Pimms stains off of your gingham blanket fear not, Cadbury has come to the rescue.

The chocolate-making wizard has created life-size picnic benches made from 400 Picnic bars and 60kg of Dairy Milk. These made their debut at Cotswold Wildlife Park in Oxfordshire and the awesome looking pics got a handful of brilliant coverage.

Bad PR of the week

Kinnear’s stupid comment

First up, the world of sport and media. The two crossed over this week, courtesy of Joe Kinnear being appointed director of PR (or he should be at least) at everyone’s favourite chav-owned football club: Newcastle United.

Newcastle’s owner, Mike Ashley – of brands Sports Direct and Lonsdale fame – was starting to turn the tide of opinion in his favour after a rather dodgy few years; but this week he appointed well-known footballing wheeler dealer, Joe Kinnear, as the director of football.

The fans were already weeping into their Newcastle Brown with the news that Wonga was going to be sponsoring the club and the Joe Kinnear news tipped them over the edge.

Newcastle had no need to worry though: Kinnear is a media pro and could smooth the situation with just one live national radio interview. Oh no, that’s right, he actually made it worse and said he was more intelligent than the fans. Oh dear. Very, very bad PR.

Chessington nightmare

Finally, a hat tip to Chessington World of Adventure which made the headlines when one of its rides got stuck with 40 passengers on.

Although Sky News led with the subtle “RIDE TERROR” headline, I think I will call this “middle PR” as it was not good, but the pictures were not bad either.

The majority of the people sat on the broken ride appeared to be smiling away and the worst report of illness was a slight asthma attack, how very British.

The ride was back open the next day and we all moved on.

Hat tip to Callum Chamberlain of @RedMarlinPR on The Twitter for the Kinnear heads up.

Have you seen any good or bad PR

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