When can we be creatively brave again?

Date: On Demand
Location: Virtual event
Organiser: This is a joint PRmoment and Creative Moment event
Cost: £35.00 + VAT

These events are designed to give delegates a stimulating, short and sharp overview of a specific topic - in this case, “When can we be creatively brave again?”

Why attend:

This event will identify and discuss the creative challenges coming out of the Covid-19 era from the perspectives of creative directors and the CMO.

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Each speaker session last for approximately 15-20 minutes and includes a Q&A session from the "as live" audience. The full webinar is about two hours long.To purchase the webinar just in the form below.

Here is a short trailer outlining some of the content of the webinar.

Here are the full details of the presentations you'll see:

Intro and Welcome
Ben Smith, founder, founder PRmoment and co-founder Creative Moment


Session 1

Are we entering a new creative genre for brand strategy?
Lotte Jones, partner, Freuds

  • Has creativity become less important than speed?
  • The link between creativity and changing consumer behaviours
  • Understanding what creative bravery means for brands in today's environment
  • Why your creative tactical toolbox will need to be different - and why those tactical tools may have a shorter life cycle

Session 2

In Conversation with: Shaun McIlrath, global chief creative officer, Iris Worldwide


  • Why tough times do not call for timidity
  • Why there has never been a worse time for brands to produce poor quality, vapid work
  • Why creatively brave does not mean creatively reckless

A conversation between Ben Smith, founder PRmoment and co-founder Creative Moment


Session 3

Please Creative Responsibly
Dan Glover, co-founder and creative director, The Academy

  • Creative bravery pre-Covid-19
  • Now Covid-19 is the brief
  • What will be creatively brave post-Covid-19


Session 4

Bravery is not a choice, it is why creatives exist
Sue Higgs, Group Creative Director, Grey London

  • Why bravery is not a tactic or strategy. It’s a long-term attitude
  • Why brands must have a purpose to exist in consumer’s lives
  • Why if you play it safe, you will become wallpaper
  • How creatives should help brands to play a role in a consumers life
  • How do we define bravery in the context of creativity

Session 5

In conversation with: Katie Evans, chief marketing officer, BURGER KING® UK


  • How Burger King’s messaging has changed as the Covid-19 crisis has evolved
  • Why, as a challenger brand, creativity is a vital “lever” for Burger King, even during the Covid-19 lockdown
  • Why brands must not get sucked into standard form, repetitive communications
  • Why customers are still looking for brands to entertain
  • The impact of decreased budgets on creative ideas
  • How the mood of the country is changing rapidly

Thanks and wrap up by Ben Smith, founder, PRmoment and co-founder Creative Moment