When can we be creatively brave again?

Location: Virtual event
Organiser: This is a joint PRmoment and Creative Moment event
Cost: £29.99 early-bird, £39.99 Normal ticket price

These events are designed to give delegates a stimulating, short and sharp overview of a specific topic - in this case, “When can we be creatively brave again?”

Needless to say in this Covid-19 environment, this event will be virtual and we’ve designed the format with that in mind.

It will take place via Zoom’s Webinar format. You can purchase your ticket below via Eventbrite and put a reminder in your calendar from your Eventbrite ticket.

48 hours before the event we’ll send you a link to the virtual event.

Why attend:

This event will identify and discuss the creative challenges coming out of the Covid-19 era from the perspectives of creative directors and the CMO.

How it works:

Please note that if you buy a ticket for this event, you will be able to access a recording of the event for 1 month after the event takes place, just in case you miss it on the day (ie: the kids play up, you need to do something else or you’re not well.)

Each speaker session lasts for 15 mins, plus a 5 minute Q&A.

4.00 pm

Intro and Welcome
Ben Smith, founder, founder PRmoment and co-founder Creative Moment


4.05 pm

Are we entering a new creative genre for brand strategy?
Lotte Jones, partner, Freuds

  • Has creativity become less important than speed?
  • The link between creativity and changing consumer behaviours
  • Understanding what creative bravery means for brands in today's environment
  • Why your creative tactical toolbox will need to be different - and why those tactical tools may have a shorter life cycle

4.25 pm

In Conversation with: Shaun McIlrath, global chief creative officer, Iris Worldwide


  • Why tough times do not call for timidity
  • Why there has never been a worse time for brands to produce poor quality, vapid work
  • Why creatively brave does not mean creatively reckless

A conversation between Ben Smith, founder PRmoment and co-founder Creative Moment


4.45 pm

Please Creative Responsibly
Dan Glover, co-founder and creative director, The Academy

  • Creative bravery pre-Covid-19
  • Now Covid-19 is the brief
  • What will be creatively brave post-Covid-19


5.10 pm

Bravery is not a choice, it is why creatives exist
Sue Higgs, Group Creative Director, Grey London

  • Why bravery is not a tactic or strategy. It’s a long-term attitude
  • Why brands must have a purpose to exist in consumer’s lives
  • Why if you play it safe, you will become wallpaper
  • How creatives should help brands to play a role in a consumers life
  • How do we define bravery in the context of creativity

5.35 pm

In conversation with: Katie Evans, chief marketing officer, BURGER KING® UK


  • How Burger King’s messaging has changed as the Covid-19 crisis has evolved
  • Why, as a challenger brand, creativity is a vital “lever” for Burger King, even during the Covid-19 lockdown
  • Why brands must not get sucked into standard form, repetitive communications
  • Why customers are still looking for brands to entertain
  • The impact of decreased budgets on creative ideas
  • How the mood of the country is changing rapidly

5.55 pm

Thanks and wrap up by Ben Smith, founder, PRmoment and co-founder Creative Moment

6.00 pm

Close of event