The Intersection of PR & SEO Lite

Date: On Demand
Location: Virtual, on demand webinar
Organiser: PRmoment Events
Cost: £35.98 in vat

Why attend

This event will identify what PR people need to do to maximise the SEO impact of their work

Intro and Welcome
Ben Smith, founder, PRmoment


Session 1

What does good PR SEO look like when it is applied?
Lexi Mills, managing partner, Shift6

  • Why earned media and links are so important to your SEO performance
  • What does the future of PR SEO look like?
  • Why your integration between PR and SEO is critical

5 mins audience Q&A


Session 2

How PR & Search teams can help each other
Laura Crimmons, Senior Digital Manager, Ringier

  • Understanding the fundamentals of SEO for PR
  • What PR and Search teams can learn from each other
  • Understanding keywords and their relevance to PR for SEO
  • Understanding the different roles within search
  • When to use CPC (cost per click) as part of your PR strategy

Comfort break and/or tea, coffee, biscuits, beer, wine...


Session 3

10 Globally important Search Traffic Factors
Dixon Jones, Global Brand Ambassador of
  • Identifying 10 important search factors that PR professionals need to stay on top of
  • Understanding the importance of headline writing for SEO impact
  • Comparing the SEO impact of a linked and non linked article from high profile media sites

5 mins audience Q&A


Session 4

Google Analytics: Using Google Search Console to improve your PR and SEO performance
Andrew Bruce Smith, director, Escherman

  • What Google Search Console does
  • How to use Google Search Console to understand your keywords
  • Through keyword analysis understand what content drives to your website
  • How to join the dots between your keywords and your website user’s behaviour

5 mins audience Q&A

Session 5Case study

Content in a Crisis: How Freesat used SEO to tune into the UKs entertainment needs during the Covid-19 Pandemic
Michelle Wilding-Baker, Head of Digital & Content, Freesat

  • Using search volumes and business data to adapt Freesat’s PR strategy to the current CoronaVirus landscape

Thanks and wrap up by Ben Smith, founder, PRmoment

Close of event