PR Analytics On-Demand

Date: On Demand
Location: Online, via Vimeo On-Demand
Organiser: PRmoment Events
Cost: £42 inc vat

Why buy this On-Demand webinar?: Very simply, you'll get to hear from leading experts about how they use data and analytics to measure modern, integrated communications.

Each speaker session last for approximately 15-20 minutes and includes a Q&A session from the "as live" audience.

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How it works: You rent access to the webinar for 1 month. You can purchase the webinar via the On-Demand form below and watch it across any device, anywhere, globally.

The full webinar is about two hours long. To purchase the webinar, just in the form below.

Here is a short trailer outlining some of the content of the webinar.

Here are the full details of the presentations you'll see:

Intro and Welcome
Ben Smith, founder, PRmoment


Session 1

Understanding the five different data stacks that agencies need for integrated public relations work
Jonny Bentwood, global head of data & analytics, Golin

  • Why you now need 5 types of vendors for integrated public relations
  • How to integrate your measurement data
  • Should agencies attempt to build their own measurement IP?

5 mins audience Q&A

Session 2

A guide to AMEC’s M3 Measurement and Planning tool
Richard Bagnall, chairman, AMEC and global co-managing partner, Carma

  • Understand your company's reporting: to what degree does the organisation measure communication outputs, outtakes and outcomes?
  • How to improve your communications planning
  • How to demonstrate impact from your communications 

5 mins audience Q&A

Session 3


Case study: How better insight, analytics and a digital approach to
PR has transformed the comms strategy and contributed to increasing
sales for Canagan pet food
Sarah Evans, senior digital strategist, Bottle
  • Understanding the intersection of digital PR and e-commerce
  • How to understand your digital audience
  • The tools to use in the planning stages of campaigns
  • The KPIs to measure the success of campaigns

5 mins audience Q&A


Session 4

Why creativity needs effectiveness and effectiveness needs creativity
Gemma Moroney, co-founder and behaviour designer, SHOOK

  • Why good data, leading to good insight, means good creativity
  • What type of data tends to lead to a good creative outcome?
  • When creativity delivers impact

5 mins audience Q&A

Session 5

A Measurement Journey: How Diageo designed and implemented an evaluation system for its communications
James Alexander, head of culture & entertainment, PR & influencer marketing, Premium Core, Europe Marketing, Diageo


Thanks and wrap up by Ben Smith, founder, PRmoment