Linkedin as a Marketing Channel

When: (Virtual Event)
Organiser: PRmoment Events
Cost: £40 + vat

Why attend: Linkedin has become a key channel for B2B marketers but few people are using it as effectively as they could. This seminar will show you the techniques, the content platforms and the strategies to improve your Linkedin performance

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All delegates will be sent a password protected recording of the event and the speaker slides post the event

4.00 pm

Intro and Welcome
Chairperson introduction, Ben Smith, founder PRmoment


4.05 pm

Connecting your Linkedin strategies
Kate Matlock, deputy managing director - digital innovation, BCW Global

  • Who should own Linkedin within an organisation? HR or comms?
  • How to connect your communications with your advertising on Linkedin
  • Lead Gen vrs Branding: What works best on Linkedin
  • Making the most of Linkedin Groups

4.30 pm

Tips and tricks for using Linkedin
Kinda (Hajaj) Jackson, managing director, digital & influencer, Brands2Life

  • How to write for Linkedin
  • Why you can’t trick Linkedin’s algorithm like other social media channels
  • How to use Linkedin Stories
  • How businesses are using Linkedin Live and video on successfully

How to use Linkedin as a B2B lead generation channel
Nicola Pestell, board director, The Octopus Group

  • How to use Linkedin’s Lead Generation Cards so that you don’t break the prospect journey
  • How to use Linkedin’s Lead Builder functionality
  • Two lead generation case studies of using Linkedin

5.20 pm

How to build an exec’s (or your!) personal profile on Linkedin
Darika Ahrens, digital director, Engine MHP + Mischief

  • How the Linkedin algorithm prioritises personal posts
  • What Linkedin stories means for your personal brand
  • Why Linkedin Live hasn’t really taken off
  • How to use video for personal profile on Linkedin
  • How to use Linkedin’s newsletter feature
  • Why the Linkedin algorithm prefers your within Linkedin, to external links

How thought leadership on Linkedin impacts buying decisions
Andrew Mildren, senior director, Edelman

6.05 pm

Close of event