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Podcast: Ketchum’s data and research expert Erin Salisbury

5th June 2018

This is the second of a new format series on the PRmoment Podcast. We’re going to continue our Life Stories series but I wanted to make sure we include the stories of younger, up and coming talent who are trailblazing impressive careers.

So welcome to the second of our Trailblazers PRmoment Podcasts.

I’m pleased to welcome PRmoment’s Young Communicator of the Year, and data and research guru at Ketchum, Erin Salisbury.

I wanted to interview Erin because I think we all pretty much get the need to increase the extent to which PR firms use data but Erin is at the frontline of this and I wanted to get her real world insight - from the client perspective, a colleague perspective and from a data and insight tools perspective.

Here are some of the things Erin and I discuss;

Written by Ben Smith+, Founder,

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