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Nivea Brazil releases an alarm app for those who like sunny mornings

12th February 2013

Much like our friends in the media, there are a great many brands that have decided that a digital first (or in some cases digital only) strategy is the way to go.

Which is a fine theory.

But what if you’re not actually a terribly interesting brand and you don’t exist in a particularly engaging category? Because God knows, that’s the dilemma facing most brands seeking to adopt a web or, more often, social-centric strategy.

The simple rule of thumb is to be useful, be rewarding and be fun. Otherwise, maybe don't bother.

And here is an example of one brand campaign (from Brazil) that does all three in one rather neat idea:


Now look, I appreciate that this is a Brazilian campaign. But what it shows is that, by injecting some utility, some fun, some innovation and some interest into what is generally a relatively (ladies, feel free to disagree) low engagement category, Nivea has not only created an engaging tool, but has also managed to say a lot about itself as a brand.

I reckon the return on investment on the app should be judged not solely by the number of downloads, but instead by the number of people talking positively about the brand – and you’ll see that there is little different between spending on this app and spending on a celebrity splashed across the pages of The Sun shilling your client’s product.

Except of course that the coverage of this app says a lot more about the brand in question, and does so in a way that leaves a longer-lasting impression.

So when it comes to stunts, think for a moment about what your punters would find useful, rewarding and funny. Then think about the services that you could offer. And only when you’ve truly run out of those ideas reach for the traditional stunt approach.

James Gordon-MacIntosh is a managing partner at Hope&Glory PR. He’s now working on a book – Ideas of the Year: an incomplete compendium of stunts, stories and japes. He’s looking for submissions, so if you’ve got work that should be included head here. Not least because the deadline’s been extended.

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