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Lego’s Fathers day tribute wins the Idea of the Week (last week…)

25th June 2013

Rather than Idea of the Week, this is the idea of a couple of weeks back. But it’s so good.

I loved this for a really simple reason.

And that is that Lego has done that rare thing and taken a consumer behaviour (fans have been making stop motion YouTube films using the Danish bricks for many moons) and has “stolen with pride”.

They’ve done so with marginally higher production values, sure. But they’ve also done so with all the integrity - cheekiness and willing to take the piss - of the films made in back bedrooms around the world. In other words, they’ve done so in a way that preserves all that is best in what is already happening and have contributed in the style and spirit of the originals.

I guess the mentality has to be that “if you can’t beat them, join them”.

We PRs are often a bit crap at working out what real people are doing with our brand’s products.

But perhaps even worse at accepting that a load of punters might’ve come up with something that promotes our charges in ways more compelling than could be dreamed up in the brainstorm room.

Maybe it’s an inbuilt reluctance to do what seems too obvious. Maybe a simple desire - driven by a laudable professional pride - to come up with the new and original.

And, what’s more, we’ve a tendency to cave in to client demands to water down all that is great about the user generated content we are riffing on, all-too-often leaving a poor, over-glossed, over-branded, over-messaged parody of the original.

But I think that Lego’s shows how dividends are paid by a willingness to “just go with it,” to join in with some wit, some humour and - above all - with credibility.

Because the truth is that often, even when it comes to the promotion of the brands for which we are responsible, the customer really does know best.

James Gordon-MacIntosh is founder and Managing Partner at Hope&Glory PR. He is also author of Ideas of the Year 2012: an incomplete compendium of the best ideas in PR during the year. You can buy a copy simply by emailing him.

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