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Giles Fraser, co-founder of Brands2Life, on PR agency trends in 2016

14th December 2016

As part of a series of interviews reviewing 2016 I caught up with Giles Fraser, co-founder, of Brands2Life.

Key trends from 2016 that Giles identifies include:

There has been a continued demand for creative campaigns and content across all formats.
Increasingly marketing directors are purchasing from PR agencies. They are keen to talk to PR firms because they recognise that they have good ideas, produce good content and can drive engagement quickly.
To be successful PR firms need a broader range of skills than ever before

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Good overview of trends and the need for PR to change to meet these demands.
Do fear however, that most PR are complacent when it comes to Brand storytelling.
From my experience there’s a lot of hubris out there among PR people who think they are ‘storytellers’ when in reality, among the majority I find, they are ‘news storytellers’.
Let’s hope our profession listens to your wake up call.

By Andy Green on 15th December 2016 - 8:37AM

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