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Durex deliver condoms and a great PR idea

4th February 2013

Durex has a long history of belting marketing activity. It’s latest schtick, this time in Dubai, marks a continuation of that tradition.

Top and bottom is that they’ve launched a “Condom Delivery Service,” offering discrete drop-offs of their product to those who find themselves unexpectedly “in need”.

The thing that struck me is that this is an idea that shows stunningly how a “big idea” that is then worked on by everyone from a brand’s marketing team – whether social, editorial or experiential – can go global.

The particularly splendid thing about this one is that it doesn’t feel like there’s been the usual agency turf war about who does what.

Normally, you look at campaigns like this – that combine a series of disciplines – and you can see the cracks.

The PR agency has brought in talent to make the idea fly in editorial. The social guys have gone off-brief with some random viral piece.

Or there’s some hideous competition element as everyone tries to work out how to make another agency’s duff idea work in their channel.

But at least from my professional outsider’s perspective, there are none of those tell-tale trademarks of a “big idea” that wasn’t quite big enough to satisfy everyone’s needs.

What has been created instead is something that delivers as a piece of digital content (with 500,000 and rising video views apart from any social channel interaction), has got people talking across those social channels, has created some real-world experience and interaction and has delivered in editorial.

Now they’ve cunningly moved the campaign on, offering to take the delivery service to the City that can muster the largest number of votes by way of petition.

A smart move that has neatly globalised the campaign – and created yet more talkability around it.

More than marvelling at the integration of the whole piece, though, I just thought that its real loveliness lies in its simplicity.

It’s a cute insight: “you’ve never got a condom about you when you need one.”

That is followed with a lovely solution: “couldn’t we deliver them to those in need?”

And then some clever people have got around a table and worked out, in a way that means the whole thing blends seamlessly, how to deliver against that. Simple. But effective. Most of the best ideas are.

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