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David Fraser from Ready 10 on the PRmoment podcast

22nd May 2018

This week, in the second of our PR Trailblazers interviews, on The PRmoment Podcast we’ve got founder of Ready 10 - David Fraser.

David spent 12 years at Frank PR before setting up Ready 10 in 2016.

I wanted to get David on the show because I thought he would bring an interesting perspective to a couple of things. First if all, he worked for a big consumer PR firm before he decided to gamble and set up Ready 10. He’s only 2 years in and I know that for the first 18 months he wrote a work diary of things he learnt, so I thought it would be good to review some of those entries in hindsight.

David set up Ready 10 to compete at the intersection of PR and SEO, which is not an unfamiliar positioning statement but I get the impression PR is still punching well below its SEO weight and I wanted to talk to David about the reasons for this.

David is also and experienced podcaster: He presents and helps produce the award winning qpr pod - so possibly, purely for selfish reasons, I wanted to talk to him about what makes a decent podcast!

Here is a summary of what David and I discuss:

Written by Ben Smith+, Founder,

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