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The PRmoment tool review: Vuelio gets five stars

5th September 2018

Tool name and maker

Vuelio, from Access Intelligence Plc.

What this tool does

Vuelio is primarily a global media database, but with additional monitoring and reporting functions. As well as traditional media contacts, it also has a heavy focus on influencers and bloggers. It combines metrics (Kred and Moz) to provide a rating aimed at helping customers to understand how influential different contacts are.

Price as reviewed

Pricing for the media database depends on whether you want UK or global access, pricing is as follows:

UK Pricing: List price: £3,000 + VAT per annum (12-month subscription)

Global Pricing: List price: £5,000 + VAT per annum (12-month subscription)

This includes one user account (for more concurrent access you pay an extra fee), the monitoring and reporting functions are also charged as extra.

The test

For the test we used Vuelio to build a simple media list for a personal finance story in the UK.

How it performed

We used the search to filter to just UK publications and we’re able to narrow the topic for the journalist to personal finance.

It handily shows how many results it’s brought back (in this case 501) and you can then continue to narrow you search using the filters above the results without having to go back to another page for your search.

We then can go through and check the contacts we want on our list and ‘add to briefcase’, which will then create our media list.



There’s really not much to dislike about Vuelio, my only improvements:

Star rating (out of 5)


Article written by Silverthorn’s founder, Laura Crimmons

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