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PR tool review: Grammarly gets five stars

11th June 2018

In the latest of our Tool Reviews The Big Ideas Machine’s James Kaye reviews the tool Grammarly

Tool name and maker
Grammarly by Grammarly Inc.

Competitive set:


What this tool does

Grammarly proofreads emails and documents for a wide variety of possible errors including grammar, spelling, punctuation, context and even plagiarism.

Price as reviewed

There are different tiers including free personal, personal premium, business and education. The premium and business are similarly priced at around $120 a year per user. There are monthly plans, but they are more expensive than paying for the entire year upfront.

The test

We’ve been using Grammarly for a couple of years and its an essential part of our daily work. Pretty much all the copy we generate is run through the tool, and it even has a plugin for Chrome and Safari that checks our emails as we use Gmail for work.

How it performs

Grammarly is an indispensable part of our daily workflow. For any job based on creating copy, a tool like this is like having a proofreader looking over your shoulder. Grammarly is just there and working away in the background. Whether it's checking emails or blog posts, the tool works seamlessly. In fact, it has just corrected three words as I've been typing this!


There's a tremendous amount to like about Grammarly 


There isn't much to dislike about Grammarly. Any issues are minor and do not detract from its overall value as a PR tool. Some of the things I would improve are:

On a final note, Grammarly isn't a replacement for good old proofreading. Grammarly catches most things, but we can't be lazy and rely on it too much.

Star rating (out of 5)

Written by James Kaye, director of B2B PR agency Big Ideas Machine

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