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Tool review: Influencer marketing tool Scrunch gets four stars

1st October 2018

Jannic Nielssen from Ranieri reviews the influencer marketing platform Scrunch in the latest of of our PRmoment Tool Reviews

Tool name and maker

Scrunch by Scrunch LLC

Competitive set

What this tool does

Scrunch is an influencer marketing platform that enables brands and agencies to discover the correct influencers across a majority of social networks. The service has one of the largest influencer databases, hosting over 20 million profiles with assorted data points for discovery.

Price as reviewed

Scrunch has a few different pricing levels:

(All prices are in USD)

We have been using the service on the Starter level as you are able to create and manage one influencer campaign and find influencers by location, category, engagement and reach.

What we use the tool for

We have been using Scrunch for a few months now. It has helped with identifying many influencers in different sectors due to the variety of topics it allows you to search.

With a Starter account there is limited access to the influencer directory and you can only create and share one custom influencer list. However, we use the service exclusively as a discovery and identification tool. In this sense it works quite well, especially when the search terms and filters are defined.

How it performed

Scrunch is very easy to use and allows for detailed searches via topics, categories and filters. It presents the information in a clear manner that makes discerning whether the profiles presented are exactly what you are looking for a simple process. You can then go into each profile and get a better breakdown.

The results page of searches can be a bit daunting for first timers as it presents all the information on one page in columns that will stretch beyond a majority of screen sizes, with even more popping up when profiles are selected.



Star rating (out of 5)

Written by Jannic Nielssen, influencer marketing manager at PR agency RYVL Ranieri

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