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The grey pound are fed up with condescending and irrelevant messaging

8th September 2014

For those who are retired and are enjoying good pensions, one of annoying things in life is having to put up with advertising messages that are condescending, irrelevant and irritating, claims research conducted by YouGov.

This means there are great opportunities for PR campaigns to step in where advertising fails, and give the older generations the type of information they are keen to receive, information that is engaging, relevant and intelligent.

Speaking at the latest Mature Marketing Summit, Joe Twyman, director of political and social research and founding director of YouGov, outlines key findings about how today’s audiences feel about advertising:

Twyman concludes: “With advertising being perceived as less relevant than 10 years ago, it seems that either the advertising has changed, or the individuals have. The challenge is to make advertising relevant and engage the 60-plus audience.”


2,000 adults were recently interviewed by YouGov online as part of a regular omnibus survey. See here for more details of the next Mature Marketing Summit.

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